1972 Hamilton Dateline A-595 | Restoration

1972 Hamilton Dateline A-595 | Restoration

Hamilton introduced the Dateline series of watches in 1963. The lineup included automatic as well as manual wind movements, but all models had a calendar complication. The Dateline A-595 model was produced for two years in 1972 through 1973. I was fortunately able to pick this example up with the original stainless steel bracelet.


The caseback and the automatic works removed reveals the ETA based movement underneath. 

The stem passes through the case and needs to be removed before the dial and movement can be taken out of the case. By pressing down on the peg on the underside of the setting lever, the stem can be pulled out.

The movement is in pretty good shape right out of the case.


Sometimes looks can be deceiving. The screw that holds the setting lever spring is incorrect. Since the screw is steel and the base plate of the movement is nickel plated brass, the threads of the screw chewed up the threads in the hole. I'll have to dig through my stash to grab the correct screw and hope the hole hasn't been stripped out to the point of not being able to secure the screw.

Disassembly of the watchmaker's side of the movement continues relatively uneventful. 

A fully stripped mainplate ready for the ultrasonic cleaning machine, along with all the other parts.


Since this is an automatic watch, a special grease needs to be applied to the inside wall of the barrel. This grease will prevent damage and hold the mainspring in place while still allowing it to slip when the watch is fully wound.

Now I can start on reassembling the dial side of the movement.

Found the right screw! You can see the difference from the incorrect screw on the right.

Thankfully, the correct screw has plenty of grip in the hole.

The cleaned dial and hands are installed back onto the movement.

I was able to save the original crystal by sanding out all the deep gouges and then polishing it clean and clear.

The crystal and the minute track are installed back into the watch to position the movement and dial properly.

Back on the stainless steel bracelet and this beauty is ready to go.

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