1961 Hamilton Accumatic | Restoration

1961 Hamilton Accumatic | Restoration

Made for just one year in 1961, the Hamilton Accumatic A-575 Calendar watch comes with a Swiss (ETA) made automatic 692 caliber movement, with the date at the 3 o'clock. The dial is textured with a 'record' finish with concentric circles and a silver perimeter under the painted minute track.

Oof. There is some serious verdigris inside the watch. I hope that is the extent of it and I won't find a bunch of rust as I disassemble the movement. 

With the automatic works removed, the extent of the green schmoo is better seen.

Even inside the case is effected.

And it migrated to the center pivot as well.


But after an hour in the heated ultrasonic bath, all the parts come out shiny and clean. Here's what the movement looks like nearly completely reassembled. 

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