1954 Hamilton Blair | Restoration

1954 Hamilton Blair | Restoration

The Hamilton Blair was introduced in 1954 and produced through 1958. This watch comes with an American made Hamilton caliber 753 manual wind movement with 19 jewels. 1954 was the only year the Blair came with the 753 as it was replaced by the caliber 770 in 1955.

As received, this watch's case was shrouded in plenty of arm cheese.

Hopefully the gunk is all on the outside and not inside the case. Dirty cases don't effect the performance of the watch, so I'm usually more concerned with the condition of the movement. And so far, I'm not optomistic...

Well, that's some good news. Looks like the goop has largely been kept out of the movement and has been confined to the outside of the movement.

Here's another look at just how much DNA was left on the case.

And this is what it looks like after a thorough cleaning and a light hand polish.

And the most important part of the watch, the movement, also cleans up nicely.


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